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Japanese Automobile industry in Australia

Japanese automobile industry in Australia is one of most significant business field. The automobile industry provides employment to a number of people. Australia is not only the producer of the automobiles but a significant amount of research and development work is also carried on in this country. This industry is integrally related to the Australian economy and the car makers and suppliers work as a team in this country. The two major car makers in Australia are Mitsubishi and Toyota. Both these companies are of Japanese origin but the most of the vehicles which are sold in Australia are produced here.

Toyota Motor Corporation in Australia:
Headquarter of the Toyota Australia is located in Melbourne, Australia. One of the manufacturing centers of the world is located in Australia and this center produces both for the domestic markets and export markets. The sales and marketing division of this company is situated in Sydney. There are also a number of branches in all over Australia which sales and distributes products of Toyota. In total there are about four thousand five hundred direct employees and also a number of people who works in the supplier and retail networks. In the year 2006 Toyota had evolved as the major car exporter of the country. In around 20 different markets around the world about 79,684 cars are exported last year. Both types of cars having left and right hand drive are manufactured by Toyota in Australia. This export boom has resulted in a $1.5 billion revenue boom for the country. Toyota industries in Australia expect to sell ninety thousand cars abroad this year. There are about eleven thousand dealer employees associated with Toyota Australia. In the year 2006 the domestic sales on Toyota was one lakh eleven thousand six hundred and ten for this company in Australia. The total assets and the sales revenue of Toyota Australia are $2.217 billion and $8.506 billion respectively.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia:
Mitsubishi Motors in Australia is the biggest car manufacturing company of the country. There are about two thousands direct employees in Australian Mitsubishi and the numbers of national dealer networks in Australia are about two hundred. The company not only manufactures vehicles in the country but the company also imports vehicles from outside. Other vehicles like Pajero, Lancer and Triton are also included in the Mitsubishi range. In the year 2003 a new research and development division was launched in Australia by the Mitsubishi Motors. The company had also received the Best Large Car Award of Australia very recently.

The Australian government invests a lot for the development of the automobile business of the country. In 2000-2001 the sector’s industry value was about $4.7 billion. Australia not only exports vehicles to different countries but parts of the cars are also manufactured in Australia which is exported to countries like U.S.A, Korea and Japan.
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