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Rupert Murdoch


Rupert Murdoch is the multi-billionaire Australia-based business businessman who is the proud owner of The News Corporation of New York. Rupert Murdochis known as the media mogul and has become the leading investor in the film industry, satellite television world and other forms of media. He is also the owner of some of America, Britain and Australia’s leading media and news publishing houses.

Rupert Murdoch was born on March 11, 1931 in Victoria, Australia and his birth name was Keith Rupert Murdoch. His father Sir Keith Murdoch was an influential newspaper executive who headed the Melbourne-based newspapers, Herald and Weekly Times Ltd. In the year 1937, Rupert Murdoch went to the Oxford University for further studies. After his father’s death in the year 1052, he acquired the reigns of the company. During this period the company was in huge debts and as a result he just had a modest inheritance.

In the following years, Rupert Murdoch expanded the business by acquiring shares in newspaper agencies like The Daily Mirror, Sydney afternoon paper and also of a Sydney based recording company, Festival Records. This acquisition allowed him to outwit his rivals in terms of weekly newspaper regulation. In 1956, he started publishing TV week, which was Australia’s leading weekly television periodical. In 1964, he started “The Australian”, which was the first national daily newspaper of Australia and it revived Rupert Murdoch’s name as a successful publisher. The paper saw a tremendous opening but was constantly faced with the challenge of changing editors and Murdoch’s constant interference.

During the mid 1960’s Rupert Murdoch expanded his business and moved to Britain. There he acquired media giants The Sun, The Times, News of the World and The Sunday Times. He had risked major parts of his Australian properties to buy the shares of The News of the World agency. He also acquired many premier publishing houses in New York and London. In 1972, Rupert Murdoch acquired the Sydney morning tabloid, The Daily Telegraph. In 1973, he acquired his first US share in San Antonio Express-News. Thereafter he bought the New York Post and became one of the most successful businessmen of USA. In 1987, Rupert Murdoch again bought The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd. in Australia, the companies which were once owned by his father. In 1991, he sold many shares of American magazines because The News Corporation Company was in huge debts.

In the year 1995, News Corporation launched the Foxtel pay channel TV network with support from Telstra. Thereafter Foxtel launched the Fox News Channel, which was a 24 hours news channel. In 1999, Rupert Murdoch showed a deeper interest in the world of music and acquired the Mushroom Records. This was then merged with his Festival Records Company and was jointly known as Festival Mushroom Records.

On the personal front, Rupert Murdoch has suffered two unsuccessful marriages and he has three children out of his second wedlock. He then fell in love with Wendi Deng and married soon after. At present, Rupert Murdoch is one of the richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of 6.9 billion.

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