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Lord Howard Florey


Lord Howard Florey is a noted scientist from Australia. Due to his extraordinary contribution in the field of science he was made the life peer of Australian Commonwealth and also presented the knighthood.

In the year 1898 on the 24th of September Sir Howard Walter Florey was born. The place of his birth is Adelaide in the southern part of Australia. From his childhood he showed his exceptional talent in the field of academics and later pursued higher education in the St Peter’s College in Adelaide. As he was interested in medicine he took up this subject. After the days in the University of Adelaide he went to Oxford to continue further studies. From Oxford University he gained two degrees B.Sc and M.A. and then went to United States for a year on a Rockfeller Traveling Fellowship. He got his PhD degree from the University of Cambridge.

After getting the doctorate degree he joined the Special Pathology department of Cambridge as a lecturer. Within a few years Howard Florey was promoted to the Joseph Hunter Chair of Pathology in the Sheffield University. By this time he began to head the team of researchers. His contribution towards the production of penicillin during the mid 20th century had made him famous worldwide. In 1944 he was given the knighthood for his contribution in the field of science. In 1962 he reached a significant pedestal in his career when he was declared the Provost of the Queen’s College. In 1965 Howard Florey was declared the chancellor of the Australian National University. In 1960 he became the president of the Royal Society through an election procedure.

The small scale manufacture of Penicillin had begun in the 1940 and he and his research teams called the Chain got ample recognition and financial assistance. During the Second World War this drug had acted as a miracle. In 1949 Howard Florey party wrote a book called Antibiotics where many of his research works on pathology and physiology was included.

Some of the awards which Sir Florey achieved in his life time are Lister Medal of the Royal College of Surgeons, Medal of Merit of the army of United States and Berzelius Medal of the Swedish Medical Society. Apart from these he was also acclaimed by seventeen universities and honorary degrees were bestowed upon him by them. The Knighthood received in the year 1944 and in 1945 he got a Noble Prize; these are the biggest event in his career.

Lord Howard Florey married Ethel Reed in the year 1926 with whom he had two children. After her demise he married once again. In February 21, 1968 Lord Howard Florey died leaving behind one of the major research centres of the world called the Howard Florey Institute. The Australian Government has named a neighbourhood near Canberra after him in his honour.

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