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Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue is a world renowned pop singer of Australian origin. Her extraordinary talent is recognized around the world and according to the statistics she had sold around 65 million records. The early part of her career which commenced in the late 80s was a struggling period for her. Kylie Minogue however did not limit herself to stage performances and singing she had tried out films and television serials in which she was quite successful. She had won Grammy award which is one of the most prestigious award in this field.

Kylie Minogue was born in the year 1968 on 28th of May in Melbourne which is a big city in Australia. Her sister Danielle Jane Minogue is also in the same profession as Kylie. She was with her in the initial days of her life when both the sisters performed in Australian television as child performers. She got immense popularity and the final break came when she grabbed a role in the television serial called the ‘Neighbours’. It ran in the Australian TV for two years and was even shown in United Kingdom. It was in this very serial she did her debut as a pop singer. It also gave her an international recognition. It was after the series ended she took up singing very seriously and released a huge number of songs some of which even topped the charts. The songs which captured hearts of millions in her debut album ‘Kylie’ are ‘Hand On Your Heart’, ‘Got To Be Certain’ and ‘Never Too Late’. After her first album in 1988 she got a role in the film called ‘The Delinquents’. By the end of the 90s decade Kylie Minogue grew up as a great star both in the field of pop and films. It was during this period she tried her hands out in duet singing and was also successful in it. The most matured phase in Kylie’s career began with the Deconstruction Records which was very popular worldwide. It was during this time she became favourite with the media. Kylie did not limit herself to stage performances and records but also did a number of live performances on the streets of Australia. Some of the notable albums in the singing career of Kylie Minogue are Fever (2001), Impossible Princess (1997), Light Years (2000) and Body language (2003).

Kylie in 2004 had also launched a lingerie line after the release of her album Body language. This line was known as Love Kylie. The movies in which Kylie acted in are Bio-Dome, Cut and Moulin Rouge among which Moulin Rouge is the most significant one which was released in 2001.

Off late Kylie Minogue became worldwide news when she was attacked by breast cancer. However she had recovered from the disease and has come back to normal life. The latest tour called the ‘Showgirl’ took place in 2007 and 2007 after the recovery.

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