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John Singleton

John Singleton is the famous entrepreneur of Australia who lived in the mid 20th century. He had made his presence felt in the world of advertising and also gained fame in the international arena. He had also tried his hands on various other businesses like television and radio. During his prime time he was declared as one of the richest person in the Australia. John Singleton was so famous that his name itself served as a brand. He had made a solid base in the communication industry and for a time he was second to none. He was also commonly known as ‘Singo’ by many.

John Singleton was born in the year 1942 in Sydney, Australia. His early education took place in a school in New South Wales called the Fort Street High School. The first days of his careers began in the year 1960s when he began his advertising agency in Sydney. This was not his single venture and had many associates. However the first company was sold in the year 1970. The next venture undertaken by John Singleton was his absolutely his own. In 1980s another advertising agency called the ‘John Singleton Advertising’ was fabricated. The growth of this company was phenomenal and later it absorbed almost 50 other companies. J Walter Thompson’s interest company was also associated with these Australian operations. The business of Singleton is now involved in a combination of fields. Radio, publishing business, advertising and radio were all in his business agendas. STW Communications is the major business of his. For the various television and radio networks Macquarie Media is required. The two radio networks of John Singleton are Virgin Radio and Macquarie Radio. He is also involved in horse racing and publishing. He also has a high percentage of shares in the publications of the Lonely Planet.

John Singleton was a versatile person who was involved with the Qantas and made a mind blowing commercial for it. In 1994 he was adorned with the membership of the Order of Australia. He is also involved in numerous international projects.

In his personal life Singleton in his youth was known for his carefree lifestyle. He had married six times and currently his wife is Julie Martin. It was not a smooth ride for him all through his career and it is very well known in the Australian communication industry. In recent years he became famous around the world for his publicity stunt to promote a beer brand. Paris Hilton was brought here by him to advertise the ‘Bondi Blonde’ beer.

The rise of John Singleton is amazing as he today has evolved as the richest businessman of Australia staring from a very humble past. As he is just 62 years old now he has a long way to go still.

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