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Gladys Moncrieff


Gladys Moncrieff was one of the most successful singers of Australia who almost ruled this industry in the first half of the 20th century. Her fame was so significant that some areas in Australia like a part of Queensland and neighbourhood of Canberra is named after her. In 1989 the Australian government made a stamp with her picture on it. Many parks and libraries are also named after her. The exceptional fame enjoyed by Gladys Moncrieff made her ‘Australia’s Queen of Song’; she was lovingly called by the Australians as’ Our Glad’.

Gladys Lillian Moncrieff was born in the year 1892 on the 13th of April. Her parents were settled in Queensland and both of them had a musical background. As her mother was also a professional singer her signing career began very soon. She had her first on stage singing debut at the mere age of six where she stole the hearts of the audiences by singing the song ‘The Merriest Girl That’s Out’. She became famous as a junior Soprano singer and performed in various shows. She was a child prodigy and her talent was recognized by everyone. The shows in which she sang were publicized as the show of ‘The Australian Wonder Child’. She left for Brisbane to get a better chance and later shifted her base to Sydney. She began singing in the theatres of Sydney and also took singing lessons. The theatre company she joined took her to different cities of Australia and also to New Zealand. In her early career she sang in some of the plays like ‘The Merry Widow’, ‘The Geisha’, ‘The Pink Lady’ and ‘Forty Thieves and Florodora’. The most significant play for which she received immense success and fame was in ‘The Maid of the Mountains’ in which she played the role of Teresa. Her performance in this play was both critically and publicly acclaimed. The most famous song in the play was called ‘Love Will Find a Way’.

After the significant success she evolved as the highest paid artists in Australia theatre. She after conquering the Australian theatre ventured out in the English theatre where she performed in a play called ‘Riki-Tiki’. Her next role in the musical ‘The Blue Mazurka’ was appreciated widely.

Glady’s was married to Thomas Henry Moore in the year 1920 who was appointed as her manager later. After her marriage she lived a significant amount of time in England and France. Later when her marriage failed she returned back to her home country.

She was adorned with the title ‘Australia’s Queen of Song’ for her part in the play ‘Rio Rita’. Gladys became involved in various radio shows and also cinemas. Her brilliant career was interrupted for two years when she faced a road accident. In 1962 she did her final performance in from of the public. In 1976 the Australian Queen of Song breathed her last in Queensland.

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