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Dick Smith


Dick Smith is one of the most eminent and successful businessmen of Australia. His contribution towards the economic growth of the country has to be acknowledged. His name is famous all around the world for his company ‘Dick Smith Electronics’. The company was so successful that it had ventured in to the markets of United States. Richard Harold Smith is the other name of Dick Smith. He was born in the year 1944 on the 18th of March. Smith was not only a famous businessman but also a well known aviator. In his life time he had done a lot of philanthropic deeds and he was a true Australian at heart willing to do any thing for the country.

Dick Smith was born is Sydney and began his career at the tender age of seventeen. At this age he gained his amateur radio license after leaving the Tertiary Studies. Radio was his passion. This obsession for electronics led him to build a company called the Dick Smith Electronics in 1968. The primary product of this company was car radio. The factory was set up in the Sydney suburb with 2000 employers only. The product was modified after intensive research by Dick Smith which even took him different parts of world. Like a true entrepreneur he was a marketing genius as he distributed his electronic catalogue free of cost by various means all around the country. There was also numerous publicity stunts which were involved presented through various advertisements. A high profit was witnessed by the company in 1970s with the popularization of CB radio. Very soon there were outlets of Dick Smith Electronics all over the country and also in some parts of United States of America.

The career of Dick Smith was not restricted to this electronics company. In 1982 he sold this company and turned to an absolutely different kind of business. He in 1986 took up publishing. Magazine like ‘Australia Geographic’ was published by him. This magazine was inspired by the National Geographic and the same style was maintained. Apart from business the most significant thing which has to be mentioned about Dick Smith is that he was interested in mountaineering, bush walking and aviation. He is famous for numerous adventurous stunts of various types. These activities had made him famous in Australia. Dick Smith received the honour of being the Australian of the year in 1986. After the Tour of Honour he held an assembly where he addressed the Australian youth. Here he discouraged them of the usage of cigarettes and alcohols.

There were many other activities in which Dick Smith indulged. In 1999 he established Dick Smith Foods which became famous for Arnott’s biscuits. Apart from business he was an active member of Australian Skeptics and also chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

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